1194 – The Intersection of People and Processes with Effective Performance Strategies’ Ryan Weiss

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President of Effective Performance Strategies and author of the new book, From Orangutan to Rocket Scientist: How To Lead and Engage Your Team Through Effective Process, Ryan Weiss. 

Effective Performance Strategies operate at the intersection of people and process. They help great businesses fuel growth and drive profitability through people alignment and development. Teaching people great communication skills without teaching them process will frustrate them, and if you teach process without communication, you’re wasting their potential. No matter how you look at things, people and processes have to go hand in hand. 

People want to feel like what they do matters, especially during the era of the Great Resignation. This is why teaching effective process and communication is so important. When you’re trying to gauge how well your business is going, you need to look at your purpose, performance, product, people, and processes, Ryan shares. You need to make sure you have the right processes for your people so that you’re performing with purpose. Knowing your purpose is vital; your team needs to understand and fully comprehend your business’s purpose and what problems it solves. 

Ryan and Josh also discuss how putting people in the right roles is very important. Your business’s purpose and vision should align with your team as a whole – but also with each individual in the role they serve. You need to make sure your environment is a good one for your team and you need a clear view of how your team actually feels about your leadership teams. 

Ryan also explores the importance of having balance in your life. He shares a personal anecdote about how he overworked himself to the point of feeling ill, but chalked it up to a medical issue. When he saw a doctor, he quickly realized he wasn’t prioriziting his health or wellbeing. He also had a moment of clarity around that same time where one of his managers asked him if he would simply trust her; he realized his people thought he didn’t trust them because he micromanaged. This realization is what ultimately led Ryan to start Effective Performance Strategies and to write his book; he wants to help entrepreneurs go back to what they do best while their people execute things on the ground level with top notch processes. 

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