1196 – Outsourcing Your Inbox Has Never Been Easier with InboxDone’s Yaro Starak

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder and CMO of InboxDone, Yaro Starak. 

InboxDone is an email management virtual executive assistance service. They both develop email management systems and assign their clients executive assistants who will learn everything about the business so they can adequately manage their clients’ inboxes. More often than not, InboxDone’s clients want executive assistants who can respond on their behalf. 

Josh and Yaro explore how delegation is necessary for growth. It’s not easy to relent control of those aspects of your business, but it’s absolutely essential. Too many entrepreneurs use their inbox as busy work and they get caught up in the mundane work. As a business owner, your inbox should serve as a way to prioritize growth and connection. 

InboxDone uses a high-touch point process that combines top talent and executive assistance with tried-and-true processes. Yaro shares that his first client was himself – years ago, he sought a better way to manage his inbox, which is how he began developing the processes that resulted in InboxDone. 

Each client that InboxDone works with has a tailored and unique hand off process. Each business is strategically paired with executive assistants on the InboxDone team. There’s a natural relationship and trust-building phase that comes with outsourcing inbox management, but that’s where InboxDone thrives. They’re your long term partner when it comes to effective, quality inbox management. They both provide the management and also the training – that way you never have to worry about teaching someone the ins and outs of your email. 

Yaro explains that using an executive assistant was the key to developing a great inbox management system. According to InboxDone’s website, their email assistants are dedicated to streamlining their clients’ email management needs. Rather than having to sort through their inboxes and responding to every urgent email themselves, an email virtual assistant steps in to get the job done for them. 

InboxDone responds to your emails, acts as help desk customer support, lead follow-ups, develop systems for email handling, social media responses/messaging, and more. InboxDone is dedicated to retaining top talent by offering competitive wages so that no matter what, their team is in it for the long haul to support you.   

With their support, you can effortlessly maintain communication with clients and customers, stay on top of any critical updates or developments, and more without having to dive into your inbox yourself.

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