1197 – Get Paid Your True Worth with Vanessa Ugatti

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Vanessa Ugatti.

Vanessa is a keynote sales speaker, trainer, coach, and author. She also teaches people how to get paid their true worth. Vanessa enables people to stop underestimating, discounting, and over-servicing the wrong clients. Many entrepreneurs love what they do and are very conscientious when helping their clients, but they often find themselves bending over backward for the wrong clients. They often do this at the expense of their business and themselves. Vanessa shares her concept of an equilateral triangle that represents balance in business. You need to create value for your clients, your business, and yourself – equally. Too many business owners put their clients over the well-being of their business, and especially themselves. Vanessa's work is all about helping entrepreneurs charge their worth but to also look after themselves.

When you operate in a balanced way, your clients are serviced better, your business operates better and can help even more people, and your team feels better about themselves physically and emotionally when they work. Vanessa sees this as a very holistic approach to sales – one we should strive for. 

Vanessa shares that she began as a coach who helped other entrepreneurs overcome their self-limiting beliefs. She explains that throughout this time of working with them, something in the back of her mind told her that there was more she needed to help them with; she just wasn’t sure what. She shares that, through networking, she realized she needed to niche down. She discovered the niche of helping people get paid what they’re really worth, and experts in her network supported such a marketable idea. 

Vanessa started asking questions about people's ability to charge for their work, and she found out pretty quickly that discounting, undercharging, and overservicing were rampant among professional entrepreneurs. Vanessa also explains that throughout the process of unfolding this issue and discovering how to fix it, she realized her own charging system needed serious work. This is what put her on the path to realizing her own issues with not charging her value –  and what pushed her to help other entrepreneurs with the same issue. Her formula is understanding your value, communicating your value, and confidence in delivering fees; all of these together mean you’re actually charging what you're worth. This issue is actually a human problem; a global problem. Vanessa says that it doesn't matter how old you are, where you're from, or what you do for a living – this issue is seen in every industry and every niche. Remember not to discount yourself; every person deserves to be paid what they’re worth. 

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