1198 – Boutique and Personalized Dental Marketing with KickStart Dental Marketing’s Chris Pistorius

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder and CEO of KickStart Dental Marketing, Chris Pistorius.

KickStart Dental Marketing helps its dental clients get new patients by using a mixture of different digital marketing services. They can help with anything from SEO to pay per click, online review marketing, social media, and more. Chris shares that many dental students just coming out of dental school are very good at what they do as providers, but they don't come out of school with a mind for business. They don't know how to get patients or market their practice. This is where KickStart Dental Marketing thrives – they handle all of their clients' marketing and get patients coming in for them – so the dentists can focus on what they're really good at.

The biggest common mistake Chris sees these dentists make is that they ‘do nothing.’ Chris and his team found that there's more competition in dentistry now than ever. The old way of doing things where you do nothing and patients still come in doesn’t work anymore. Legacy-style dentistry is suffering for this exact reason. Dentistry requires strategic marketing, especially in today's market.

What sets KickStart Dental Marketing apart is its lengthy expertise in the dental industry and its ability to navigate the nuances of the space. Outsourcing to a niche and specialized marketing agency, especially in an industry like dentistry, is essential if you want to see quality results. You could hire a less expensive SEO expert on UpWork, but they won’t know the nuances of the space; as the adage goes, you’ll get what you pay for if you don’t outsource wisely as a niche business. 

Other more mainstream agencies use templated campaigns, especially for niche businesses such as dental clients. Many of these agencies use the same template for every dental client they have for years on end. This method just doesn't drive results. You have to be able to customize a marketing campaign around your niche offering in order to drive traffic and business. KickStart Dental Marketing offers personalized campaign plans for every client; in fact, this is something they’re well known for.

Chris shares that local dentists should focus on tracking where their patients come from and aggregating this data so they know where they should dial in their marketing efforts. Organic searches on Google are probably driving 60% or more of your patient traffic if you’re a dentist with your own practice. You want to verify where specifically all of your business is coming from so you can optimize each channel of your marketing plan.

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