1202 – Aligning Your Business with Your Energetics with Eugenia Oganova

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to business strategist and messaging energetics coach, Eugenia Oganova

Eugenia works with business leaders and entrepreneurs who know that they have big ambitions and dreams. She especially helps women entrepreneurs who have these aspirations to change the world, but simply don't know how to take the first step. Spirituality and business have been seperated for quite some time, and many of Eugenia’s clients struggled with making their dream-led business visions profitable. One of Eugenia’s superpowers is that she unites non-lineal creation and consciousness. She uses energetic work to align her clients’ businesses with their true soul design.

The first thing Eugenia looks at is with her clients’ is what their soul expertise is. This is something you're born with. After identifying these factors, she goes over her clients’ soul design, which has to do with what lessons our soul is learning in this lifetime. This is all step one. 

You have to talk to your prospects in a way that compels them to come to you, Eugenia shares, and aligning your soul expertise and design can help immensely. Your content should generate leads in a way that feels good and fulfilling to you. You have to shift how you look at what you do and how you talk about it. Sometimes, something as simple as changing your mindset around your messaging and how you approach your audience is really what it takes to draw the right prospects to you. 

When you have the right foundation, energy, confidence, and intention, the mechanics of your business are the easy parts. Too many entrepreneurs focus too heavily on the mechanics of their business and not the soul of it; this is what Eugenia sets out to help business owners discover. Much of business is based on intuition and how consumers feel from an enegeretic and emotional standpoint. 

Eugenia stresses that if you’re going to work with a coach, you want to work with one that makes you more, well, you – not more ‘them’. Your coach should make you feel good about who you already are so you can further align your energetics with the efforts you’re making to improve your business. 

If you’re not fulfilled with your life or business, the first thing to look at isn’t necessarily logistics. You need to look at how your energetics are affecting how you conduct business. There are many ways to find what’s right for us as business owners, but it all starts with recognizing who you are at a deep level. 

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