1203 – A High-Level Software Development Experience with SaaS Partners’ Patrick Parker

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder and CEO of SaaS Partners, Patrick Parker. 

Patrick shares that he started out as a software architect and worked primarily in private consulting. He felt there were missteps he observed in the way things were handled at the firm where he worked at that time. Much of his work is around project delivery and software implementation. He was tired of seeing his clients not knowing how to use the software that was being delivered to them, or their expectations not being met at all. Patrick thought there was a better way to do things and so this is what inspired him to open his own firm, where he felt he could offer that next-level experience. 

SaaS Partners take a more human-centric approach to the entire design, discovery, and delivery process, yielding much higher results and ROI for their customers. Josh and Patrick explore how software companies often over-promise and under-deliver. Patrick shares that many of his clients had come from previous bad experiences with other firms where what was delivered simply didn't meet the standards or expectations of their agreement. These clients are often coming to Saas Partners to ask them to rewrite the software. However, they can work with both established companies and start-ups. 

Saas Partners does a lot of custom enterprise work, but they also work with smaller businesses. For these entrepreneurs, SAS Partners utilizes a variety of platforms on their back-end to develop software. It's all based on the individual needs of their clients. It depends on especially the industry the client is in. Patrick and his team look at each company as a silo and determine what tech suites to use based on the specific circumstances and needs of the business. 

SaaS Partners set themselves apart in how they operate their business. SaaS Partners features US-based designers, architects, and developers. They deliver a high level of quality and are available during US office hours – which makes for an excellent user experience from start to finish. SaaS Partners provides growth support and maintenance even after the software is developed and delivered to the client. 

Patrick shares that it’s extremely important to him and his team to help companies grow. They are passionate about finding growth solutions and new revenue opportunities as they maintain the software they build. For them, it’s not just about delivering a product, it’s about knowing the full context of what it’s meant to achieve. 

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