1209 – Optimize Your eLearning Development with eLearning Partners’ Hector Simoudis

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the co-founder of eLearning Partners, Hector Simoudis. 

eLearning Partners is committed to helping companies create internal training programs and courses that their learners will love. They aren’t a tech platform, learning management system, content library, etc. eLearning Partners focuses on the professional and strategical development behind creating these courses. They also help their clients know what resources they have available and how to use them effectively.

Josh and Hector explore the biggest mistake in eLearning. Hector stresses that it’s not just small businesses who experience this blunder, but even enterprise businesses can have this issue. This mistake is the misconception that it’s all about the technology and finding the right learning management system. While these aspects are important, they should not be the driving force behind the development of your eLearning. Avoid falling into this trap by making sure your learners are part of your decision-making process. What drives your eLearning development shouldn't be finding the perfect learning management system, but rather you should focus on your learners. They should be a part of your development process from step one. You absolutely must understand who your learners are, what they want, and what they need before you start developing a course or program. 

Hector explains that there are two types of eLearning. There is internal eLearning, which encompasses things like onboarding, training, and continued education. The other type is eLearning to generate revenue – you’re taking this to market to create a recurring revenue stream. It’s absolutely imperative that you give content to your learners for free when developing this type of course. Don’t ask your prospect to ‘marry you before dating you’ – your lead magnet should be your stellar content so that your prospects can get to know you. When you give them high-level content for free, you’ll see your purchase rate go up.

eLearning Partners offers their free masterclass, “Create and Launch a Successful eLearning Program, Online Course, or Virtual Training” on their website by following this same principle of giving away high-value golden nuggets. This masterclass teaches you how to guarantee success in every course and program you create. You’ll also learn the three pillars of eLearning. People think that eLearning just requires steps – but it’s not steps, it’s pillars. You need to develop these pillars simultaneously, all while keeping the most important element in mind: your learner.

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