1212 – Life on Purpose with Ericka James

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Ericka James. 

Ericka James helps her clients get clear about what they were set out to do, and then she helps them build extraordinary things. She does this through her speaking and training business, The Convergence Center, through her women’s business network called The Alliance, and through hosting her show. 

Ericka began as a keynote speaker and in corporate work and training. She shares that while she loved being on stage and inspiring others, she also had a passion and skill for helping people access their greatness and manifest. Twenty-one years ago, Ericka realize she had a passion for professional coaching. She was a single mother and needed to figure out a way to bring the information online. She has built online courses and training options ever since. Now, she builds community and pours herself into her members and the groups she has built. 

Ericka explains that she starts where other coaches finish. First, she helps her clients figure out what’s in their head, heart, and their body. By the time people find Ericka, they usually already have a vision they’ve been working on. Their work focuses on scaling and bolstering these visions, especially in business. 

Ericka also shares that while running a mentor group two years ago, she had a private session with someone discovering their vision. She hadn’t worked in quite some time on her business and her savings account was empty. Ericka shares that in a year and a half, this client was making 7-figures. In a short time, she went from broke to successful because she lived up to her own vision and potential. 

According to her website, The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose is not just another talk show. It’s a process. It is an experience designed to lead you right into living your destiny and fulfilling your life’s purpose. This is a show for those who know they were created for more. If you believe that there is something more in you to share with the world, this show is for you! Along with sharing her gift of prophecy, Ericka brings her depth of wisdom to bring solutions and guidance to help viewers understand why they were created and how to manifest their purpose. In addition to Ericka, the show’s guests share their biggest lessons, mistakes, insights, advice, secrets, and internal shifts they had to make along the way to create, sustain and grow their success. The best life is a life lived on purpose and this show will help the audience know they can do it.

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