1214 – High-Quality Translation Services with Rapport International’s Wendy Pease

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President of Rapport International, Wendy Pease.

Rapport International translates with high quality between languages and they cover everything from start to finish for the clients they work with, including all translatable assets. Rapport International was founded over 30 years ago, and 17 years ago, Wendy helped to develop the systems that have kept their business at the forefront of this industry. 

Wendy and her team help businesses grow and avoid liability, especially with bad translation services. Rapport International takes pride in the quality of services they provide. Everything from accuracy to SEO is taken into account when they work with clients to translate their content. Wendy shares that many translation companies make the mistake of using machine translation that’s only edited and tweaked later by human efforts. The biggest problem with this is that machines don’t understand the human elements and nuances of a language – which makes for clunky translation. 

Wendy believes that machines will never take over high-quality translation needs. Anything that needs exact precision of communication or legal considerations can’t afford the liability of a poor translation. Beyond that, new words are added to languages all the time. Getting your meaning across with absolute clarity means needing a professional translator. Some words don’t even have direct translations into different languages – again, machine translations can’t keep up. If you’re going to need translations for your business, don’t make the mistake of relying on machine translation software. 

Josh and Wendy explore how attentive marketers are in their native language – and if you need translations, you need to put in the extra investment in order to achieve that same clarity of messaging, no matter what language demographic you need to target. 

According to Rapport Translations’ website, you’re not just selecting a language when you translate your marketing and business materials, you're connecting with people. As Wendy stressed, you need to do it through clear communications. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level requires an intimate and nuanced form of messaging. 

Rapport Translations’ proven process of people-focused translations helps you find the best solution for your multilingual business communications strategies. Their work can connect you with the people you need to communicate with, locally or globally, no matter the language.

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