1215 – Making the World Better with Shift/Co’s Terri Maxwell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the CEO and president of Shift/Co and Share On Purpose, Terri Maxwell.

Share On Purpose is a business that helps create and or invest in companies that are making a noticeable impact in the world. Terri explains that she wanted to do more than simply grow businesses. There is an impact to be made on the world through business and she is exploring how to do so with Share On Purpose. Realizing this after an epiphany, Terri decided that focusing on purposeful companies was more important than making money through companies that do not have the goal of bettering the world with their products. 

Times have changed in regard to how consumers view businesses and their practices. In the past, the impact a company had on the world was an afterthought for consumers. However, millennials and Gen Z are becoming more aware of the need for businesses to create a positive impact on the world. This means for a company to reach this audience, they must have a purpose within their company to better the world. Terri explains that the world is changing from a profit-based focus to a global improvement focus. Employees are also wanting a change from their normal jobs to one that gives them purpose. Terri speaks about giving employees this purpose and it comes back around in the form of good retention. 

Shift/Co uses cultivation through ideas as a way to accelerate business ventures that make the world better. Shift/Co was created when Terri had a realization brought on by positive feedback by clients about her conscious business growth platform. Terri speaks about how community is extremely valuable and important at Shift/Co. Through providing free events, it can help prospective members become comfortable around the people they could be working with in the future. Shift/Co does not measure success based on company revenue. They base success on the percentage of clients that have doubled or tripled their revenue in a span of one to two years. 

Terri explains that the conscious business growth platform is included in the membership as well as it being tailored personally to each specific client. The coaching provided by Shift/Co consists of a pathway coach and a phase coach. With no long term commitment, Shift/Co maintains a 95.2% monthly retention rate. Terri explains that once a geologically specific market reaches 100 members, the members can choose a nonprofit to do work for and Shift/Co will match what they do. 

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