1218 – A Contrarian Approach to Branding with Bottomless Branding’s Ben Marcoux

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Bottomless Branding, Ben Marcoux.

Ben explains bottomless branding as a contrarian approach to branding by connecting to people and making relationships. Building and maintaining relationships within the business sector can not only help with the existing clients but can also bring in new clients through the way of referrals. Ben states that he makes this happen by being a bright spot in people's day by making them smile and laugh, as well as being good at the work he does. Fame work is an idea that Ben has been working on and codifying his entire life but mostly for the past five years. Ben explains that there are four main problems for service professionals that include mindset, lead gen, positioning, and sales. If an individual's mindset is not right, it could lead them to self-sabotage their business even in the most subtle ways. The four letters in fame coincide with each problem service professionals face. The F is for a foundation to solve mindset issues. The A is for an attentive audience to solve lead gen problems. The M is for money-making signature systems to solve positioning issues. The E is for emotional enrollment to fix any sales problems. Ben explains that the best way that he deals with lead gen is by creating deep connections with a few individuals and from there he is introduced to more and more people. He explains that he has also done lead gen in an approach of messaging which has not yielded good results in regard to stats for the business or leads generated. Trying to obtain leads in this way is not good for a business and can also sour relationships with present or potential clients, leaving an individual worse off from where they started. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Ben defines bottomless branding as
  • Lead gen

About Ben Marcoux:

Hi, my name’s Ben, and I’m an ad-aholic. I’m a jazz saxophone player turned freelance media buyer, copywriter, and strategist. I officially hung my shingle in 2015. And since then I’ve spent thousands of hours studying history’s (and today’s) most lucrative ads. My copywriting grossed multiple 7 or 8 figures of revenue (who really knows). And I’ve profitably managed $10,000,000+ of ad spend for my own businesses and for clients, generating over 250,000 leads and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales across many verticals. My “day job” is making business owners big bucks by creating simple scalable advertising systems, writing direct response sales copy, driving targeted traffic to high-integrity offers, and using data, analytics, and relentless follow-up to maximize the ROI of these funnels. Now I help other B2B experts effortlessly close premium clients by using “The FAME-WORK” to package their expertise into a Money Making Signature System and position themselves as the go-to authority in their market. 

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