1219 -How AI is changing Trading with Capital Logix’s Howard Getson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President and CEO of Capitalogix, Howard Getson.

Capitalogix is an artificial intelligence or data science company that is also known for its hedge fund that is run by autonomous AI. AI is becoming more intelligent every day, it used to be proficient in things that only had definitive results or guidelines, such as chess. Now, AI is able to read things such as mammogram scans better than humans based on hundreds of thousands of images it has seen because it does not have the same functions and distractions as humans do. Automation and machines have been taking on the biggest constraints of consumers for many years, such as a machine reaping and sowing, so a farmer does not have to do it by hand or a GPS telling someone where to go so they do not get lost or have to use a map. Howard explains AI is useful in many standard practices because it allows for things to get done and decisions to get made, without distractions or stressors getting involved such as emotions. AI also has the application of recognizing opportunities anytime which humans cannot do if they are focused on different things at different times. Howard explains the hedge fund is more like a joint venture with financial partners to create financial products for them that also has a purpose. To learn more about Capitalogix you can go to the website and click learn more, sign up for the newsletter, or text AI to 972-992-1100 for an AI model pdf. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Capitalogix does 
  • Artificial Intelligence and its applications
  • Engagement with Capitalogix 

About Capitalogix:

Their Mission

They are focused on purposeful innovation and committed to being dynamic and adaptive as the world around us changes. This creates a lasting legacy for their clients and the wealth that matters.

Their Philosophy

Things work until they do not. To keep your edge today, you have to continuously find new ones. They are unrelentingly focused on the long-term from an investment and a business perspective. They believe the highest probability of generating value comes from creating our own future and staying on the apex of the innovation curve.

Their Core Values

Create Breakthroughs

The engine for their progress and one of their major differentiators is their refusal to rest on their laurels. They are constantly raising the standard in every aspect of their business. What they want is often beyond their current capabilities – and they are comfortable being uncomfortable as they strive to reach new pinnacles.

Constant Unrelenting Progress

The world is constantly changing. Instead of waiting for the world to make them obsolete, they strive to stay ahead. They see a bigger picture and then find a way to build it. There is always a best next step – and they are going to find it.

Veritas et Fidelitas

Honesty and loyalty must come first in business. They are honest with themselves, with each other, and with their clients. They are good corporate citizens and strive to do good.

Learn and Grow

To grow the company, you first have to grow your people. Their culture is one of meritocracy, in which accountability, responsibility, and performance are minimum standards. They enable growth and learning wherever and whenever possible.


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