1220 – Making Your Money Work For You Before and After Retirement with Wealth With No Regrets’ Barry Spencer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Wealth With No Regrets and Director of the Donor Motivation Program Georgia, Barry Spencer.

Wealth With No Regrets is helping show business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOS, and executives how to give more generously before and after retirement to make their money work for them and the things that matter to them most. Barry explains that individuals are not generating the income they could generate, investing to build confidence, and reduce their taxes, and Wealth With No Regrets helps these individuals navigate through those issues. Barry states there are many avenues in which individuals such be focusing on their taxes within a business through QBI deductions and 401k plans for staff and the business. Properly maintaining and delegating taxes allows for more income to be brought in over time. Barry explains that it is important to know what an individual is building their business for whether to sell it in a few years or if they plan to stick with the business until retirement because it determines how one will handle their income. Each avenue for the building has different aspects that need to be taken into account so the correct amount of money is obtained to be stable in one's lifestyle. Barry states that leaving a business to a family member is not always the best case because other generations will not appreciate and value it as much as the creator of a business does. Barry explains that no regrets come from the experience he had dealing with his father's passing. Through this, he has made it his job to help others live their lives to the fullest with no regrets. A charitable trust allows for business owners to avoid the extra taxes by taking assets, selling them within the trust, diversifying the assets, as well as getting a tax deduction from it. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Wealth With No Regrets is and does 
  • Taxes 
  • Reasons for building a business
  • No Regrets 
  • Charitable trusts 

About Barry Spencer:

Barry is the Co-Creator of Wealth With No Regrets, where they help individuals donate to charities of their choice, so they can save hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions of dollars) on tax while supporting causes they care about and cementing a meaningful legacy.

Barry has written and contributed to 4 books, including a book with Kevin Harrington – an original ‘shark' on the hit TV Show “Shark Tank”! 

Barry works with successful business owners, executives, high-level managers, and women on their own. Professionals from various industries tend to be high-income earners who have done a good job saving for the future through their 401k/IRA accounts and even investment accounts but rarely have a strategy for tax optimization, investment confidence, and income security allowing them to continue their lifestyle with confidence. 

As a Keynote speaker Barry has addressed charity professionals, board members, and executives, and attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and CFPs sharing insights about the importance and details of integrated planning, investing, strategic charitable giving and retirement income strategies.

As the CEO and co-creator of Wealth With No Regrets®, he advises business owners, executives, and professionals on how to redirect tax dollars to charity, secure retirement income, invest with more confidence, and create a living legacy.

As an advisor, speaker, author and financial educator Barry often share experiences and stories from competing as a four-time Ironman athlete and elite triathlete.


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