1222 – Reduce The Barrier to Entry with Real Defense’s Gary Guseinov

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chief Executive Officer of RealDefense, Gary Guseinov.

RealDefense is a consumer and privacy software development company that sells its products to customers directly as well as licenses its technology to companies in the antivirus, cyber security, hardware, or media sectors. Due to the licensing of the technology, consumers are most likely using RealDefense technology without knowing it. These technologies are typically already installed into a computer before the consumer buys it. RealDefense was created in 2017 as a vehicle to acquire smaller companies within the spectrum. They focus on entities that are divestitures of larger businesses and will keep the staff as well as the technology to then grow it into something better. Gary advises that creating relationships to get into his type of business starts with maintaining the least amount of barrier to entry possible. This can be done by creating offers that are easy to understand and creating a contractual agreement that is easy to cancel. Gary explains that many cyber security software applications are successful at keeping attacks from happening. The most common attack is from attachment emails. The best way to avoid this is to not open attachments from emails one is not familiar with. Other good practices Gary recommends are maintaining antivirus software and VPN access as well as terminating usernames and passwords for staff that has been let go so a breach cannot occur through their account. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What RealDefense is 
  • Where does RealDefense fit in for a consumer
  • The inception of RealDefense 
  • Advice from Gary about how to pursue relationships 
  • Best practices for cyber security


About Gary Guseinov:

Gary Guseinov is an entrepreneur and investor who founded his first company straight out of college. Currently, Gary is CEO of RealDefense (a cybersecurity company) and also Managing Director of International Equity Partners, a private equity firm focused on emerging technologies in cybersecurity, big data analytics, and marketing automation. He is also a board advisor to 8 startups, and a long-time mentor at the venerable venture capital accelerator 500 Startups. Previously, Gary also served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of CyberDefender, which he took public in 2010 (NASDAQ: CYDE), and he has co-founded several startups.

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