1223 – Share Your Smarts with Predictive ROI’s Erik Jensen

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chief Strategy Officer of Predictive ROI, Erik Jensen.

Predictive ROI helps agencies, businesses, and consultants build a position of thought leadership and monetize it. There are many strategies to get into a thought leadership mindset and monetize it. The main way it is being done is through building lasting relationships which help with clientele and leads. Erik explains that thought leadership can be shown through sales cycles being shorter, charging more, keeping clients longer, and having better-fit clients. Being an authority figure is important for a business because it allows you to share the knowledge you have learned to help others and bring in individuals that fit your audience. Creating an audience ecosystem is beneficial because it allows for many people to help the same audience while creating connections with one another to deepen relationships and reach.  

Authority sales machine is Predictive ROI’s membership organization. Within this membership, there are training and guides to allow members to find the resources they need to help their business as well as personal coaching with Erik himself. Erik explains increasing authority as planting a flag in one's territory. The flag is how one serves, who one serves, and why one serves. Anytime new content is put out, conversations are had, case studies are released, etc., it is driving that flag of authority deeper. Erik explains that a business owner does not have to be everywhere at once, just where their audience is. This ensures that opportunities are not missed, and the audience is satisfied with the services being provided to them. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Predictive ROI is and does 
  • Thought Leadership
  • Authority
  • Authority sales machine
  • Increasing authority

About Predictive ROI:

Predictive ROI turns clients into authorities so they become relevant and important to key prospects that are difficult to get in front of. Predictive’s proven process is called “The Trojan Horse of Sales”​, which results in a sales pipeline delivering a predictable, measurable, and repeatable return on investment to clients.

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