1224 – Put Yourself First with Great Legal Marketing’s Charley Mann

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President and Lead Coach of Great Legal Marketing, LLC, Charley Mann.

Great Legal Marketing, LLC provides outside-the-box marketing to small law firms to level up their revenue while keeping it profitable. Charley identified that the common challenge small law firm lawyers go through is the need for more clients. GLM tackles this challenge by reframing their members' mindset about marketing. The idea they carry out is getting on the process of realizing the objective of marketing which is getting more clients. The strategy they craft revolves around how to start a conversation with potential clients, make them commit and take the next step. Charley further explains that they do this through a direct marketing approach, where it focuses on providing great education, exceptional value, making your clients act on certain CTA and helping them by offering them the service upfront. GLM believes that by overcoming the education gap, it will open a pool of potential clients to law firms.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What great legal marketing does
  • Why setting boundaries with your clients is crucial
  • How Charley got into the business
  • Reasons why law firm owners get stuck in that 6 figure level
  • How Great Legal Marketing reframes the marketing standpoint of small law firm lawyers
  • What’s direct marketing

Reasons Why Law Firm Attorneys Hit That 6-Figure Stagnation:

  • The need for more clients
  • Profitability struggles
  • Mismanagement of finances
  • Having only one prospect pipeline

About Charley Mann:

In his 20s, he gained his experience and knowledge in the business through the guidance of Ben Glass, the Founder of Great Legal Marketing. Charley coaches small law firm owners on creating an effective marketing system that naturally attracts potential clients. He's an advocate of education-based direct marketing and never stops spreading this message to the world.

About Great Legal Marketing:

Great Legal Marketing, LLC supports small firm lawyers in building a firm that generates more revenue and supports their desired lifestyle by offering an intuitive marketing approach based on real human behavioral patterns. Most of all, they help law firm owners put themselves first and how to monetize their services that’s better for them.

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