1226 – Structured Goal Setting with Melanie Curtis

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Consultant, Speaker and Author, Melanie Curtis.

Melanie competed professionally in skydiving for years and she traveled the world as a professional headliner coach. She helps people learn and reach the competitive success they’re after. 

According to Melanie the structured environment skydiving has is similar to knowing what your goals are and the steps to take to get there. She also pointed out that working in teams it’s not always roses. Conflict can happen because different personalities and opinions can clash anytime. To mitigate these conflicts, having structured communication really helps.Melanie also emphasized the difference between calculated courage and being less prepared but still going for the gun! Preparation is important to ensure you reach your peak performance, however knowing when to let go and accessing the flow state is equally important. Reaching the next level of success for the team means unclenching those knuckles and getting masterful control of your fear. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Who’s Melanie Curtis?
  • What can Entrepreneurs learn from professional skydiving
  • Different forms of professional skydiving
  • The value of structured environment in skydiving
  • How can calculated courage help reach your goal vs making a reckless move
  • How to get masterful in controlling fear

Structuring your goal setting:

  • Structured system
  • Structured communication
  • Accessing to flow state

About Melanie Curtis: Melanie is a recognized leader and advocate in skydiving and personal and professional development. She's a professional skydiver, author, and podcast host. She's featured as an expert in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, CBS Sunday Morning, Masters of Scale, and other publications. Being a champion of growth, kindness and inclusion makes her one of the best life coaches, speaker and author. 

Mel's coaching work helps the greatest performers to look inward to take on some of the most challenging work there is, to grow, to heal, connect, and contribute in the ways people most sincerely desire.She is an excellent listener who is dedicated to truly being there for her customers, their needs, and their experience. Working with her means that she won't be solving the problems herself. Instead, she has a unique way of highlighting numerous possibilities and choices that individuals can make for themselves by using her wisdom, positivity, and encouragement.

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