1228 – People Want More Video with Sunday Sky’s Jim Dicso

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to CEO of SundaySky, Jim Dicso.

SundaySky provides a video platform that allows various sizes of organizations to create, distribute, and scale their use of digital video for all business applications. Jim shares some challenges businesses face regarding video creation and how SundaySky alleviates these for them. He even talked through the process and the approach of SundaySky in video creation and what sets it apart from other platforms. Being in the business for a decade, he shared how he got into the business and how SundaySky locked in their first few clients.

During his free time, Jim is passionate about sharing his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs by coaching and teaching them what's the next step to take on their journey. He works with his team in SundaySky to utilize the power of video to result in an exponential impact for a new level of content effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is SundaySky all about?
  • What are the pain points associated with SundaySky's customers?
  • Video as a modular medium
  • Video creation in SundaySky
  • Impact of SundaySky video creation on UnitedHealthCare
  • The customer base of SundaySky

Video creation in SundaySky:

  • They utilize the concept of “video as a modular medium”
  • Configuration nature vs. Customization nature
  • Using data to personalize it to each person

About Jim Dicso: Jim Dicso is CEO of SundaySky. Prior to joining SundaySky, Jim was executive vice president of sales and services at LivePerson, a SaaS-based provider of real-time online customer engagement solutions, where he helped grow revenue from $17M to $96M and operating earnings grew from $2M to $30M. Prior to LivePerson, Jim held multiple sales leadership roles in his two years at Witness Systems and eight years at Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), including a four-year assignment in the UK and Europe, and at a variety of sales positions over four years with Xerox Corporation.

About SundaySky: SundaySky's platform includes technology that helps businesses customize, distribute, and optimize captivating videos at an enterprise-scale. SundaySky enables enterprises to lessen their reliance on traditional resource-intensive video production methods which incur significant expenses, time consuming, and demand specific creative and technical expertise.

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