1230 – Catching The Vision with Automatic Marketing Machine’s Danny Decker

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and author of the new book, “The Automatic Marketing Machine,” Danny Decker.

Danny Decker has built many successful businesses in the past. His book, “The Automatic Marketing Machine” is built around helping entrepreneurs stop worrying about finding their next customer and build a sustainable marketing system that will continue to work for them. Danny explained how, through his book, entrepreneurs could understand why most of their marketing strategies weren't working and how to fix it. 

He shared his vast experience in the field of marketing and blatantly revealed how extremely difficult it was, especially when following intentionally misleading gurus. Over the years, he discovered that many marketing agencies aren't 100% good at what they do, which prompted him to sell his agency and move into speaking, teaching and writing books. His goal: help entrepreneurs develop a solid marketing plan and find the right marketing vendors that could deliver the results they expected. 

Furthermore, Danny stressed that there could be no good tactic other than one that had been deeply planned and tested. From the knowledge they could gain from the book on how to create a sales plan and strategies for their business, they can form better collaboration with their vendors, which more likely leads to positive results. The book is packed with tons of teaching and vision-related information, as well asplenty of free resources to help get businesses started.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What the book “The Automatic Marketing Machine” is all about
  • The differences between his book’s marketing approach and others
  • How to plan the right marketing tactics for your business and collaborate with vendors
  • The right approach to address your target market
  • The benefits of working on List-based marketing for Facebook and LinkedIn Ads
  • Where to buy the book “The Automatic Marketing Machine”.

About Danny Decker

Passionate about seeing businesses grow, providing opportunity and transforming lives, Danny Decker teaches small business owners to create marketing systems that produce predictable and sustainable growth. He worked in the marketing industry for over 12 years, started, grew and sold his 7-figure marketing agency in just 6 years. He is a speaker, author, podcast host, consultant and marketing coach for ambitious entrepreneurs.

About the Book

Danny Decker's book “The Automatic Marketing Machine” is not your typical manual for developing effective marketing tactics. The book contains step-by-step instructions, case studies, tools, examples, and FREE BONUS resources to help build an Automatic Marketing Machine tailored to improve your business and your life!

Tweetable Moments:

“2:50: I’m sorry to report, but there’s also a whole lot of marketing agencies and gurus and vendors that aren’t doing things the right way.”

“6:56: The fundamental problem for most small business owners is that when they think about their marketing, especially when they are communicating through their marketing, it's all about them and how great they are.”

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