1233- Space with Genesis AI’s Archil Cheishvili

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO, President & Director at GenesisAI, Archil Cheishvili. 

Archil listed some of the most common problems faced by companies and individuals in the field of AI. He believes that AI products and services are indispensable today, but due to lack of accessibility, in-house talent, and high costs, companies often shy away from the idea.

According to Archil, GenesisAI's mission is to help people easily access AI tools and help AI developers easily deploy and monetize their projects. Together with his collaborators, their goal is to create a space where people can easily access the AI ​​tools they need.(Josh jokingly calls it an “Amazon of AI”!) In other words, accessing and purchasing AI for yourself or your business will already be that easy! Archil pointed out that anyone looking for an AI to analyze and solve their problems can benefit a lot from GenesisAI. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • How GenesisAI Started
  • What an AI is or not
  • GenesisAI’s Business Model
  • How to Partner with GenesisAI

About Archil Cheishvili

Archil Cheishvile always had a passion for business growing up, but it wasn't until he was admitted to Harvard University's undergraduate program that he caught the attention of the Gregorian media. Being smart led him to start his own business and sell it with a high return when he was just 18 years old. It has also led him to win numerous awards in the field of AI and received numerous recognitions from Yahoo Finance, Fox News and a lot more!

His interest in the AI space has sparked a passion in him to partner with many leading companies and AI developers on a mission to make AI tools accessible to everyone. He also writes for Forbes on topics concerning the role of artificial intelligence in humanity. Some of his popular writings include “Why should mankind strive to build artificial general intelligence?” and “Top Five Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Financial Planning Industry.”

Archil Cheishvile is among the top 100 CEOs in the United States in the Marketplace space.


About GenesisAI

GenesisAI is a machine learning marketplace for AI products and services. It connects companies in need of AI services, data, and models with companies interested in monetizing their AI tech.

By linking AI services with each other and increasing the supply of AI services, GenesisAI provides a web platform that offers low-cost AI services. This makes AI technology more efficient and affordable for businesses. Their platform enables different AIs to communicate with each other, exchange data, and trade services.  With the GenesisAI platform, anyone can develop and purchase AI services, as well as allow software engineers to discover, test, and integrate various AI-related APIs.

GenesisAI was established in 2018 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and Miami, Florida, USA. The company is led by software engineers from Amazon, Google, and Salesforce. 


Tweetable Moments:

04:05: And if all of these AI tools become better as a result of those collaborative efforts, then that’s a game changer.”

“7:29: We found that lots of companies know that they want an AI but don’t know if their problems could be solved by an AI.”

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