1427 – Why You Need To Focus on Data with Accelerated Agency’s Carl Weische

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Carl Weische, co-founder of Accelerated Agency.

Carl shares his passion for helping business and brands grow and scale more profitably through conversion and optimization. They have worked with many brands across all niches and seen positive results in the first 90 days. His advice is to build trust with your audience and focus on your offer. Carl adds that the more your offer resonates with your prospects, the more likely they are to buy your product or take advantage of your service.

Carl also explains the importance of understanding your audience – pain points, beliefs and desires – in order to deliver great benefits. As for doubling your sales, he believes it's not just about an attractive website or a user-friendly interface. Their job is to pull together all the important aspects of the business, identify the gaps, and do their own magic to make that happen!


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Does AI-based Conversion and Optimization Mean?
  • Type of Companies that They Work With
  • Tracking Tools They Used for Data Analytics


About Carl Weische: Carl holds a bachelor's degree in BA and eCom. He is a KeyNote speaker at leading marketing events: GeekOut, ESS, VidTao, Kinza360, AdWorld 2023. He is also a Certified Practitioner in NLP + Sales Psychology. Along with his business partner, they have an obsession when it comes to understanding buyer psychology and why things work the way they do. Everything they do is based on the pioneers of psychology, direct response and entrepreneurship.

Carl and his business partner have a background in psychology before they started applying it to e-commerce, which gave them an edge over their competitors. They are proud to be German, which means they make sure everything is systemized and optimized efficiently. By understanding the logical and emotional reasons behind what works, they are able to design their funnels in a way that allows their customers and clients to reap the benefits of the way they work.

Carl and his team take an active interest in how people think, which is why they invest over $250,000 a year in their own education while testing everything on their own offerings. This means that their customers are not the guinea pigs of their business thinking, but rather the beneficiaries of their data-driven process. As a creative agency, they take what they think works and put it to the test. So they're not just speaking from fantasies or ideas, but rather proving their hypothesis about what works.


About Accelerated Agency:  ACCELERATED is an e-commerce agency with core competencies in conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and brand building. They are strongly performance-oriented and optimize the profitability of businesses. As competent e-commerce experts, they develop, optimize and design online shops with great passion. In doing so, they focus on the conversion rate. This means that they turn many site visitors into paying customers by fundamentally optimizing online stores. Accelerated Agency is for businesses that want to establish their online presence profitably and pursue a long-term strategy to build their own market share.


Tweetable Moments:

08:20 – “It's more like the psychology background than just the background of developing something or designing something.”

09:43 – “A lot of people miss out on building trust. So maybe they put some reviews on the page, but then they miss out on social proof and authority and press and all of that stuff.”


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