1248 – The Power of Genuine Conversations with Vhault32 Jeremy Bishop

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Vhault32,Jeremy Bishop.

Vhault32 is a social media marketing company. Vhault32 helps high level business owners grow their social media platforms. It was created because business owners need access to someone of trust to help maintain and grow their platforms. The name Vhault came to mind for Jeremy and his partner because there is a need for security for data business owners share with marketing companies. Vhault32 works with many real estate clients and even musicians. They work to help bring the clients online presence up to speed with their real life successes. 

Jeremy explains that a high following on social platforms does not equal a successful business. He wants to work with individuals that have a good mission so the right message is getting across as their following grows. Jeremy says that conversations are a crucial part of business. Genuine connections based on similar views or topics can help someone grow as it broadens their business possibilities. Influencer club media is a part of Vhault32 that focuses on celebrity media campaigns. The focus is on doing media campaigns that hit the target that the client is wanting such as gaining 10k followers. Jeremy explains he wants a good relationship with his clients so both parties can get the results they want. Giveaways are a major aspect of the media campaigning in influencer club media. This allows for multiple people to gain traction from one simple post. 

Jeremy says that his typical engagement with new profile clients is gaining 100k followers and the client needs to scale their business with their following. Growing a following without a stable business could cause trust issues with their audience, which could lead to possible issues in the future. Teamwork is important in business and media because multiple voices are needed to make a successful career. The basis of going viral is something Jeremy does not want for his clients. Becoming viral is a one moment by moment thing, whereas building a successful brand is a lifelong journey. The journey is highly reliant on personal connections with other people and not being fully reliant on the content itself. Jeremy explains that when you start growing a following or brand, not to delete any of the past. The past gives the ability for the client and their followers to see the growth that has been done over time on the client’s part. Jeremy says interested individuals should check around the website and get into contact to start a relationship as connection is crucial to the brand. 

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