1249 – Marketing Your Podcast with Matt Johnson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Pursuing Results, Matt Johnson. 

Matt works with producing and launching podcasts for coaching or consulting. Matt explains that podcasting creates a major arena of networking opportunities for businesses. Matt’s company will handle all of the communication for their clients so the clients do not have to worry about much beyond the content creation. Matt explains that there is a struggle to find a way to monetize after there is a high visibility. However, if there is already monetization, visibility is easier to manage to build a business and or clientele for that business. Matt explains that podcast sponsors are difficult to come by for the long term and it is a revolving door of uncertainty. 

Matt explains that he pushes his clients to speak on niche topics that are specific to their target audience. This allows for better clients to come from the podcasts to create revenue for the clients. Matt explains he thinks attention spans will get shorter over time, youtube will contribute to podcast trends more, and discoverability within the youtube space will expand. It is common for there to be some stage fright around podcasting as the format is more vulnerable than others. Matt explains that becoming good at podcasts is all about practice and it will take some time. An individual should expect to not be happy with their first episodes as they will be learning and growing to become better over time. 


Key Points from the Episode:

  • The effects of Covid on business 
  • What Matt does
  • The difference between focusing on monetization or visibility first
  • The problem with podcast sponsors
  • How consultants use their podcasts to drive revenue 
  • Matt’s thoughts on the future of podcasts
  • How Matt helps clients overcome stage fright

About Matt Johnson:

Matt Johnson is a marketing agency founder, podcaster, and musician. Matt runs a podcast launch & production agency based in San Diego, an international team that helps business coaches, consultants and thought leaders use done-for-you podcasting to attract an audience, build influence & become MicroFamous.


Matt is the author of MicroFamous and currently hosts the MicroFamous podcast. He is a frequent podcast guest and event speaker to audiences around the US, Canada, and Australia.


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