1253 – The Changes From Covid with Kim Hvidkjaer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Serial Entrepreneur, Kim Hvidkjaer.

Kim explains that throughout his time as a serial entrepreneur, he has gone through many successes and failures. The failures have given him the ability to better avoid those mistakes and direct others away from them as well. Kim explains that growing a business too fast could cause a business to fail due to the risks of upping production with the possibility of a future decrease in demand. Covid has caused companies to focus on niche areas that may not be as high demand in a few years. Kim explains that Covid has caused businesses to change their operations in ways such as physical meetings changing to remote meetings. 

Kim explains that companies are not using proper sales metrics to gauge the results of their processes. Tracking data allows for a business to control their sales as they are measuring the real data for their products. Kim explains that he does consulting in the form of an investor or board member. It allows him to have engagement with multiple companies rather than being stuck on one. Kim explains that networking through word of mouth referrals or social media is where new leads tend to come from. 



Key Points from the Episode:

  • The impact Kim has in the world
  • Why 90% of companies fail
  • Outside market forces
  • Kim’s thoughts on what works and doesn’t with sales 
  • Key ideas in Kim’s book How to F*ck up Your Startup
  • What Kim is currently focused on 
  • Networking

About Kim Hvidkjaer:

I am an award-winning serial entrepreneur, WSJ bestselling author, keynote speaker and angel investor, having built companies from startup to exit in several industries.

I started my first company at the tender age of 19 years old, and was as a 29-year-old millionaire, aptly named one of Denmark’s “6 Rising Stars.”

Two years later, after a cluster of f*ckups, I found myself broke—having lost more money than the average American earns in a lifetime.

I since have rebuilt my fortune through several startups, becoming an expert in failure.

Interviewing dozens of startup founders and studying thousands of collapsed startups, I developed a comprehensive guide to failure—what it means, what it looks like, and the strategies business owners can employ to avoid it.


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