1257 – Becoming More Conscious with The Evolutionary Business Council’s Teresa De Grosbois

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa De Grosbois.

Evolutionary Business Council is designed to help others grow their reach and influence through events and collaborations. Josh asks what it is that the Evolutionary Business Council does and Teresa shares that it is all about helping conscious entrepreneurs that are in alignment with creating a more conscious and sustainable world. Teresa shares that the Evolutionary Business Council is based on three pillars which focus on helping businesses become more influential, more profitable, and more impactful.

Josh asks Teresa what consciousness really means, she explains that it’s really just being on top of your own thoughts. Research shows that most people have self limiting beliefs through their inner dialogue and that not all of our thoughts may not be serving you.

Evolutionary Business Council has members including speakers, trainers, authors, podcasters, but also members that are all about creating products that influence sustainability. Teressa discusses influence and the impact of action. Teresa shares that when you can get people to take action, that's the point of change. Insight isn't enough – you also need action, and that’s the component that drives sales.

Josh asks what council members do. Teresa shares that the council does live events and is also an opportunity for collaboration through a learning library. There is a versatile range of members within the Evolutionary Business Council, with the idea of bringing those in with a giving attitude and to really be of love and assistance to other members. Teresa shares it is amazing what’s possible when we all help each other.

Evolutionary Business Council provides a safe environment for leaders to step into where they can get to know each other and do their own work to make sure they are truly challenging themselves to bigger levels moving past self limiting beliefs.

Teresa shares that you can’t make yourself influential or famous. Josh asks about the Evolutionary Business Council’s grand mission. Teresa shares that the council’s goal is to have 1.2 billion (15 percent of the population) lives transformed by helping them learn more conscious ways of living. She explains how the Evolutionary Business Council chose that number with intention, considering communication theory. Expesssing 15 percent as a tipping point number and how they have taken that concept globally. Teresa shares how when influence and profit are used together as a tool, your impact gets so much greater in the world.

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