1263 – Find Purpose In Your Work with Matter Logic’s Katie Burkhart

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder and CEO of Matter Logic, Katie Burkhart. 

Josh and Katie discuss what it is that Matter Logic does. Katie explains that in its simplest form it is a different way of thinking about and running a business in the day to day. Matter Logic questions “What’s the point,” asking the key element questions from why your business exists to why am I scheduling meetings today and who in the company needs to be sitting in it. Josh asks Katie why do organizations need to do this work and they discuss the importance of focusing on the why in many aspects of life and business. Katie discusses how what’s important to us in life changes and how on a business or organization level what doesn’t change is the impact of purpose. She shares to help establish purpose, Matter Logic encourages people to think about purpose as lasting a hundred years or more. Katie expresses how purpose is why we exist, why we do the things we do day after day over the long term. She explains purpose as our ultimate value and the shift many businesses are establishing. Money isn’t the goal, money is actually the resource that’s going to enable a company to fulfill its purpose. 

Josh and Katie discuss the “great pause,” and “great resignation,” that the current work market has been experiencing. Katie shares how she considers it to be the great reprioritization where people are asking what really matters to them. She shares the importance of an entity  having a really good reason for bringing people together and understanding what value is really being delivered. Katie circles back to the importance of being able to ask the “what's the point” questions so that everything being done is enabling for delivering that value. 

Josh asks Katie about the involved process that goes into doing this work. Katie discusses her 5 steps with clients. The first is shifting thinking by asking what does it mean to be purpose driven? Step two is getting clarity on value. The next step focuses on core strategy. After that, focusing on getting people on the same page. The last step includes asking “how do we stay focused.” Katie explains it as a constant focus of staying aligned. Josh and Katie discuss the evaluation process and the significance that fresh perspective can have on an organization when considering value and purpose. 

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