1264 – Keep Your Employee’s Attention with Local’s Neil Bedwell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founding partner of LOCAL, Neil Bedwell. 

Josh and Neil discuss LOCAL and its impact of working with top global brands. Josh shares how LOCAL provides a very unique value. Neil expresses how lucky LOCAL has been in being able to help brands navigate change. LOCAL is a group of marketers that are now focusing on employees. He describes them as a change marketing company instead of a change management company. 

Neil shares the statistic that two thirds of adults are unhappy at work. That means that two thirds of people are unhappy in the thing they spend half their waking adult lives doing. Neil emphasizes how that’s a huge problem. Neil discusses the origin of what a company actually is. A company is a collection of people. He shares that the word company is derived from a Latin word describing the communion around bread. He expresses that companies don’t employ people, they are people, and how in recent years organizations have forgotten that.  Organizations think more about profit than people, more about the bottom line than the heartbeat of the organization. 

Neil discusses marketing versus management techniques. Neil describes marketing as the orientation of everything you do around your audience. He believes you must also have that same orientation around employees. Sharing that for employees to want to stay with you, they must feel like the organization is also oriented around them. Josh shares how wonderful it is as an organization to have heart centered values and making them a part of how everything within the organization operates. They discuss the importance of having company values and the impact those values have when they’re felt by the employees every day, not just heard. Neil describes this as the value gap many organizations are recognizing today. Employees know the organization's values but they aren’t feeling it in their day to day work. Josh and Neil discuss company purpose and how many companies today focus on doing good or creating positive impact on the world and the importance of employees feeling aligned with that purpose driven impact. 

Josh and Neil talk about the pathway of creating lasting change within an organization. Neil discusses a three part process of change. The first is belief, second is adoption, and the third is opportunity. Neil shares that LOCAL’s goal is to work with any leader driving change within a complex culture. 

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