1267 – Get Your Business Out of Your Brain with Trainual’s Chris Ronzio

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge, speaks with the CEO of Trainual, Chris Ronzio. 

Josh and Chris discuss the mission of Trainual which is a business playbook training manual for businesses. Chris talks about history, vision, values, asking why, co-workers, and the rules that are established within businesses. Josh asks Chris if in a perfect world, what would the on boarding process look like? Chris discusses the importance of the formal signing of an offer and the importance of announcing a new member within a company. He discusses the impact of setting up new employees with technology so they have the tools necessary to perform. He also shares the importance of providing space as a new employee is learning their new bearings. 

Josh asks Chris about the friction that comes when considering adaptations within processes. Chris talks about the different reasons to come into a system like Trainual. First, is to make sure everything is centralized. Next, Chris discusses accountability. Lastly, is the search or ease of finding things when reaching for company resources. 

Josh asks Chris how Trainual takes something like a manual which is usually perceived as boring and elevates it. Chris discusses how interactive Trainual is versatile, it can include embedded videos, gifts, questions, slides, Spotify playlists. He emphasizes that anything that enriches the culture of your company can be uploaded to the system and the tools are there so it doesn’t have to be boring. 

Chris talks about one of Trainual’s favorite trademarks, “get your business out of your brain.” He shares how we often feel like the burden of running a company is on our shoulders and how we get stuck in our heads. Chris explains that the transformation doesn’t have to be all at once and the importance of empowering other people within a company. 

Josh asks what sort of agencies Trainual works with and how these agencies would use Trainual. Chris shares that Trainual is a very horizontal tool. How any business that has people as a component of delivering the product or service being offered can benefit from this system. He discusses how when you have people, then you care a lot about consistency, and to have consistency it’s important to document the company's best practices. They then discuss the value of documenting and collaborating practices within a company and how a process people group can impact that consistency. Chris talks about his book, The Business Playbook, that breaks down how to do this to disconnect from the day to day so that companies are free to grow their business. 

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