1268 – Notability on Wikipedia with The Mather Group’s Josh Greene

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of The Mather Group, Josh Greene.

The Mather Group is an organization focused on three things: SEO (search engine optimization), paid media, and Wikipedia. Josh Elderedge and Josh Greene discuss Wikipedia and how they help big companies understand what Wikipedia is or isn't, what expectations should be, and what to do with the material currently out there. Josh Elderedge expresses that nearly anyone can contribute to Wikipedia and the intricacies that can come with a collaborative platform.

Josh and Josh discuss the process of pages being deleted on Wikipedia and how that happens. Josh Greene shares how it’s not enough to just publish a page, it’s also how relevant that page stays. He discusses the process where a page will be nominated for deletion, from there it is a week to ten days of debate over whether the page is relevant. Josh Greene shares that often the page is deleted.

Josh Eldredge asks Josh Greene about notability tests and at what point Wikipedia would consider notability enough to warrant a page. Josh Greene shares how Wikipedia has tons of documentation and how it is very good at their rules and regulations. Josh Greene expresses for new pages the big hurdle of notability is that there needs to be a number of mainstream profiles of someone without quoting that person.

Josh Eldredege asks Josh Greene about his work in reputation management and the weight that wikipedia has in google's eyes. Josh Eldredge focuses on reputation issues and how that situation is mitigated or dealt with. Josh Greene expresses how every situation is a little bit different. He explains how sometimes there may be a situation where it now takes up 8 of 10 Google results and how that may not paint a fair picture of what’s going on. Josh Greene discusses clients and how often they hear from people that are either currently in a crisis or just got out of a crisis. He shares how generally it's easier to maintain when doing so in advance but that often people wait until the situation is exasperated before looking to address it.

Josh and Josh discuss online presence and how keeping it up to date gives you a solid base. When being a bigger company, a lot of your profiles will be highly visible. Josh Greene shares how when the online presence is stronger, it’s less likely for a negative story to take a headline as there’s additional information to filter through.

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