1269 – Sell it Like a Mango with The Sales Evangelist’s Donald Kelly

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the author of Sell It Like a Mango: A New Seller’s Guide to Closing More Deals, Donald Kelly.

Josh asks Donald about his overall work and what it is that he does and how he helps people. Donald explains that essentially they help B2B companies to improve their sales. From individual sales reps that they train, from brand new sellars to seasoned sellers. Through training programs or going through coaching, or sales mastermind. Donald shares how they provide a lot of content through podcasts, blogs, and education. Donald expresses that the goal of The Sales Evangelist is to be the number one sales education organization in the world and help their sellers improve their skills.

Josh shares how he has personally been through and experienced Donald’s ​​program and how knowledgeable Donald is at what he does. Josh asks more about his book, Sell It Like a Mango: A New Seller’s Guide to Closing More Deals, asking why does the world need this book today? Donald shares the reason why is that no matter what you sell, there will always be others that are also selling that same thing. He emphasized that what makes him and his book different is his experience. Where he grew up in Jamaica, he grew up selling mangos and others did as well. Donald shares how when he first began he wasn’t selling any mangos. Donald realized that with the same product, same place, same type of people, it requires the seller to be different. It wasn’t the product, it wasn't the customer, it was him. Donald asked himself, “what makes one seller stand out from the other?” He shares that it comes back down to what an individual does to separate themselves from the rest of the competition. Emphasizing to look for the unique things as the premise of the book.

Josh asks Donald how do we do that? How do we stand out? Donald explains that one of the biggest things people miss is the importance of servicing the emotional needs that people have.

Donald expresses an impactful way to stand out from competitors is by mastering discovery. “How can I help this person to be able to identify and recognize the problem?” Discovery phase is often glossed over. Donald shares that when asking a question, master listening through the discovery process and then the closing becomes easy. Josh and Donald discuss thoughtful discovery and how just asking the question allows for that open discovery.

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