1271 – Supporting the Buyer with BKW Property Solution’s Brian O’Neill

On today’s episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with creative finance specialist, Brian O’Niell. He is founder and CEO of BKW Property and host of the podcast The W2 Prison Break Show. Brian O’Niell shares with us his expertise of today’s current housing market needs and trends. With his background also in coaching, Brain gives his knowledge in a comprehensible way that also helps the audience expand their understanding.

In today's chat, Josh and Brian discuss opportunities that are available for purchasing property and expanding business. Currently BKW is focused on purchasing properties in the Chicago area, generally single family homes, offering no money down with seller financing. Brain talks about expanding into other markets, buying on creative financing and opportunities available for helping people that are self employed that maybe don't look great on paper to banks. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights that Brian offered! 

Key Points from the Episode:

– Opportunities in private investing with free and clear property.

– Ian’s background in corporate sales and real estate.

– Creative Financing in single family homes with no money down. 

– Expanding markets.

– The process of finding sellers with a need that BKW can be of service to. 

– Daily lead generation and marketing through teams. 

– Marketing properties though systems. 

About Brian O’Niell and BKW Property Solutions:

Brian and Katie O’Neill are real estate investors and business owners. They have been happily married for 10 years and enjoy spending time with their son, Will.

BKW Property Solutions was started to provide flexible real estate solutions for both buyers and sellers. They serve the Greater Chicagoland area and help buyers realize their dream of owning a home. When Brian and Katie experienced many of the common challenges of selling their own home many years ago, they knew there had to be a better way. That is the foundation of BKW Property Solutions and we look forward to serving your needs. There is a better way!


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