1272 – Building Financial Forecasts with Financial Modeling Institute’s Ian Schnoor

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the executive director of Financial Modeling Institute, Ian Schnoor! He has a wealth of knowledge in the financing industry. With more than twenty-five years of experience as a financial professional, Ian Schnoor understands the industry well. Starting a Citibank, Ian expanded to becoming president and founder of The Marquee Group & Executive Director at the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI).

Financial Modeling Institute seeks to promote awareness, excellence, and discipline in Financial Modeling through world-class accreditation programs. Ian discusses financial modeling and the stories that numbers can tell through becoming scientifically driven and understanding data. He discusses financial modeling as a skill and emphasizes that anyone can learn it as long as you put in the time. He shares that it is not that modeling is necessarily hard to understand but that it can take time to get good at it through practicing and then the skill is with you forever. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights that Ian Schnoor offered! 

Key Points from the Episode:

– Gut decisions become relics through the tool of Google analytics and insights through forecasting.

– Discussing the differences between accounting and finance.

– Financial Modeling Institute as an accreditation organization. 

– How forecasting and modeling works and the impact of strong forecasting and modeling skills. 

– 10 hour foundations program offered through advanced financial modeling (ADM). 


About Ian Schnoor:

Experienced financial professional with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Strong skills in Valuation Modeling, Excel Models, Microsoft Excel, and Corporate Finance.

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