1274 – Let’s Talk Lead Gen with Jennie Wright

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Lead Generation Expert, Jennie Wright.

Jennie helps individuals such as business owners by teaching them how to gain leads and generate profit without being sucked into the typical market that leaves them empty handed. Jennie explains that many of the Lead Generation Experts are doing it wrong and harming their reputation by how they conduct their self advertisements. Jennie explains how her business has been built on referrals, respect, and their relationship. She also advises how online summits help build relationships and further contacts within niche spaces.

The major focus for Jennie having clients with engaged audiences rather than one with a high audience and low engagement rate. Finding individuals with higher engagement is simple by looking at your preferred network’s creators, popular podcast guests, looking into their email list, or by referrals. Jennie advises that those who are technologically adverse should attempt to learn about it and there is an importance to outsourcing. In regard to summit platforms, Jennie says she does not believe in all in one solutions. Tech stacks are dependent on the client and what they need in different areas for the same price of a summit platform but more personalized. Jennie explains that you could email her or book a call with her through her website. She will help with support rather than trying to sell you something you do not need.

Key Points:

  • Jennie’s response to those doing Lead Gen wrong
  • Jennie’s thoughts on why authenticity and personal relationships aid in recurring clients
  • How Jennie conducts business and maintains her reputation
  • What is an online summit and how it works
  • Jennie’s thoughts on paid traffic versus organic traffic
  • How high engagement levels are more appealing to Jennie
  • How Jennie searches for individuals with high engagement
  • Jennie’s advice for those who are not technologically savvy
  • Jennie’s thoughts on summit platforms


About Jennie Wright

Jennie Wright has been helping business owners grow their email lists & generate leads for nearly 10-years. As the creator of The List Injection Method™, she helps her clients and audience generate leads through inbound attraction and permission marketing.


Having built over 375+ list builds, Jennie understands the essential steps to creating an event that attracts ready buyers AND builds trust & engagement with your audience.


Her mission is to help business owners create intelligent and authentic marketing, lead generation and business growth strategies that drive bottom-line results.


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