1284 – The Joy of Missing Out with Brueckmann Executive Consulting’s Alex Brueckmann

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Brueckmann Executive Consulting, Alex Brueckmann.

Alex Brueckmann helps business owners create maps to achieve success in their business. Alex explains that strategy is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. Individuals find this difficult because they may not have a background in marketing and do not know the tools or processes to make it easier. Alex explains that the needs for a business are similar to strategic pillars and all businesses have them, even podcasts. Focusing on strategic pillars as a business is important because these will translate ideas into reality and will allow them to stop focusing on things that are not conducive to the business. 

Alex explains that successful businesses operate by allowing for positive conflict, as it allows for individuals to be heard. If these individual’s ideas are heard, they are more apt to put more effort into their work, regardless of the outcome of sharing their ideas. Alex explains that his book, The Strategy Legacy, was created to help individuals not familiar with strategy and to help them focus on the bigger picture of strategy. As the book has not been published yet, the framework for Alex’s book is found on his website as well as free strategy resources.


Key Points:

  • Alex’s impact on the world
  • How Alex helps his clients create roadmaps to achieve success
  • How strategy can help podcasts achieve success
  • Strategic pillars
  • Realizing the liberation of staying in your lane
  • How to handle differing opinions in a business 
  • The target audience for Alex’s book, The Strategy Legacy, and how it aides the audience
  • Who Alex works with 
  • What to do on Alex’s website. 


About Alex Brueckmann:

Alex is a strategy entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He specializes in coaching business owners through purposeful strategy processes. He has impacted thousands of people in organizations across the world, ranging from multinationals and solopreneurs. His passion lies in helping clients build profitable businesses with a positive impact in the world. He particularly helps entrepreneurs close the expensive gaps in their businesses, so that they increase profits and build the life they want to live. Alex speaks on the topics of strategy, purpose, productivity, and well being. And when he doesn’t work he loves riding motorcycles, gardening, and exploring the outdoors around his home in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.

Want to learn more? Check out the Brueckmann Executive Consulting website at

Check out Brueckmann Executive Consulting on LinkedIn at

Check out Alex Brueckmann on LinkedIn at

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