1285 – Good Business in Any Language with TTC Wetranslate’s Levent Yildizgören

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Owner of the TTC wetranslate, Levent Yildizgören.

TTC wetranslate helps businesses get their message across to foreign areas using different languages. This is done so consumers feel comforted that they can understand the language being used for marketing. TTC wetranslate works with a range of businesses, however, the majority of their clientele comes from manufacturers with international operations. Levent explains that the way they help clients now is vastly different to how they helped clients in the past, due to the company’s 27 year long standing. 

Levent explains that business growth can be directly correlated with the amount of languages offered to its customers. The more languages that are offered, the wider the customer pool can become. In Levent’s book, Good Business in Any Language, he explains the processes business typically go through to be successful internationally. The purpose a client has when working with TTC wetranslate can influence how they are helped. TTC wetranslate wants to help their clients with what they need, not with extra aid the client may have not wanted. Levent explains by doing this, it allows for customers to keep coming back as they trust the company. Levent’s podcast, Thrive in Global Markets is about sharing experiences of successful entrepreneurs who expanded internationally and helping others achieve the same. 


Key Points:

  • What TTC wetranslate does for its customers
  • Typical clientele for TTC wetranslate
  • The evolution of TTC wetranslate 
  • How TTC wetranslate helps businesses grow
  • The basis of Levent’s book, Good Business in Any Language
  • How the clients purpose changes the avenue taken for growth
  • Why clients revisit based on the way TTC wetranslate works with clients
  • What Levent’s podcast, Thrive in Global Markets, is about

About Levent Yildizgören:

Levent Yildizgören was born in Turkey, but has spent the last quarter of a century running a highly successful, professional localization service based in the UK. His decades of learning about the pitfalls and prizes the export market presents are shared in this book through his LINGO model. He has helped companies to do business in more than 100 languages!

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