1287 – Developing Your Playbook with Growth Molecules’ Emilia D’Anzica

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the founder of Growth Molecules, Emilia D’Anzica.

Growth Molecules helps companies develop their strategies and playbooks for what happens after their product has been purchased. This can help influence repeat customers and positive word of mouth for their company. Emilia discusses previous clients and what engagement looks like. She discusses being able to go into organizations and helping teams better serve their clients. The client engagement process can last anywhere from four weeks to seven months. She shares how the goal is to be extremely impactful with as little long-term leaning on Growth Molecules as possible so that the organizations they help have the ability to manage on their own eventually.

Emilia shares how Growth Molecules aim to make everything that they do accessible to anyone. On Emilia D’Anzicas LinkedIn and on Growth Molecules webpage there are hundreds of resources including actionable blogs, free webinars, and a maturity assessment that helps organizations understand where their business is currently and where they want to go next. She also highlights the academy that Growth Molecules offers. In this affordable academy, there are self-paced programs and a six-week program. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights that Emilia D’Anzica offered!

Key Points from the Episode:

– Helping companies redefine their strategy

– Customer Success Academy

– Soft skills and essential skills

About Emilia D’Anzica:

Management consultant, board advisor, author, and educator, partnering with companies to create scalable growth & metrics-driven customer programs from onboarding to adoption, renewals, and advocacy. Founder of Growth Molecules, a management consulting firm. Our team also works with individuals who are seeking to take the next step in their careers. You can find out more at

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