1288 – Differentiate Your Brand with Articulate Marketing’s Matthew Stibbe

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Articulate Marketing, Matthew Stibbe.

Articulate Marketing specializes in helping technology agencies with their website traffic and turn the visitors into leads or customers. Content is a major aspect of what Articulate Marketing does as building a good rapport is crucial to growing a business. Matthew explains that Articulate Marketing words with a large range of clients from small to large businesses. The needs of each client vary as their size and business models are different from one another. Articulate Marketing’s focus is helping businesses differentiate from their peers. Matthew explains many individuals in the technology sector seem to congregate around the same ideas and designs. The ability to be different can help them gain more traction as they are something new to others. 

Matthew identifies many website clichés that many technology companies use such as blue backings or stock images. Webinars are used with midsize businesses that work with Articulate Marketing. Matthew explains webinars are a good stepping stone for getting potential clients to get in contact. Engagement is something Matthew looks for in a website as there should be a specific number of individuals engaging rather than simply visiting. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Who Articulate Marketing is and what they do
  • Strategies Articulate Marketing uses to help their clients
  • How to bridge the gap between informing and engaging
  • Articulate Marketing’s Clientele
  • The need for differentiating oneself
  • Matthew’s top website clichés 
  • Matthew’s webinars and their effectiveness as a marketing tool
  • Website Engagement

About Matthew Stibbe:

Matthew Stibbe is a serial entrepreneur, marketing maven, writer, pilot, and wine enthusiast. But not necessarily in that order. He created marketing strategies, content and campaigns for clients including Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn and HP and contributed to Wired, Forbes and Popular Science. Currently, he is CEO at Articulate Marketing, a UK marketing agency specializing in the technology sector. Also, his geek credentials are strong. Previously, he was founder and CEO at Intelligent Games, a 70-person computer games company where he designed games for LEGO and produced two games based on Dune. Matthew also has his commercial pilots license and an advanced wine diploma. (Have you seen the film Somm? Like that!) At some point in the previous millennium, he studied history at Oxford University. These days, he blogs about modern management at www.geekboss. com, about marketing at www. and wine at

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