1289 – Accelerate Your Amazon Revenue with Phelps United’s Adam Shaffer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President of Phelps United, Adam Shaffer. 

Phelps United is dedicated to helping businesses from small to large scale become successful in the ecommerce marketplace. Adam explains that getting products into an ecommerce marketplace like Amazon can help with a businesses growth exponentially. There are negative effects to not being on a platform like Amazon such as losing out on sales or resales of a company's product for less. Reselling is a major issue as products are being sold for less than retail street price by some distributors and it could harm ties with loyal distributors who are selling at the retail street price. 

Phelps United works to end the harmful reselling by taking the selling for their clients into their own hands by either selling through their ecommerce store or managing the client’s ecommerce store. Adam explains that businesses with some momentum would be great clients as they are not completely starting fresh and have room to grow the most efficient way. Phelps United has a very good standing with Amazon allowing them to ship their client’s items from their warehouse which cuts down on time. Adam advises to go onto their website and fill in your information on the contact form to get in touch with them. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Who Phelps United is and what they do
  • The downsides to not being involved in an ecommerce marketplace such as Amazon
  • Why reselling can be a big problem and how to combat it
  • How Phelps United helps curb reselling issues for businesses
  • The Amazon marketplace and how Phelps United works with them
  • Who needs to get into contact with Phelps United 

About Adam Shaffer:

Adam Shaffer is currently the President of Phelps United LLC. Shaffer found success helping Amazon sellers through his company’s proprietary technology, services, and distribution platform. Ultimately, helping clients navigate the most complex waters of the largest E-commerce site in the world. Shaffer’s brands include Sourcing Solutions, Omni-Channel Distribution, Advanced Micro, Zell Technologies, and Plaid Beaver which serves the distribution, reseller, ecommerce and marketplace sales channels. Shaffer is a pioneer in direct marketing and digital ecommerce of technology products and solutions to both consumer and commercial markets. Shaffer was involved in one of the earliest ecommerce websites selling technology and electronics products direct to consumers and businesses. At TigerDirect, Shaffer was responsible for launching and managing the Company’s ecommerce Marketplace business on Amazon, eBay and later Walmart. Both companies achieved over $200 million in sales annually on these marketplace platforms.

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