1290 – Creating New Standards with All Set’s Justin Clegg

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Allset, Justin Clegg. 

Allset is a texting platform that is specifically for home service businesses. Allset wants to help those in the home service business space to broaden their business’s communication reach. Allset offers four key components on their platform. Text to pay allows for individuals to pay for services quicker and more efficiently. Tipping is another feature that allows the customer to tip for their services and it goes directly to the technicians. Justin explains that through tipping, it creates the space for a qualified positive review due to the extra amount paid for the service. 

Allset has access to capital efficient sales leaders to create a strong internal structure. Justin explains that they work to pull in service providers by communicating with them when the service provider is able and by attending trade events. Community is an important basis for Allset. Justin explains that they are trying to build out community and the company is being empathic to the service professionals. Allset charges monthly or yearly subscriptions fees to their service ranging based on limited access or full access. Justin explains that when you go to the Allset website, try out a demo and get into contact with them through email or phone. The demo lasts for 30 days and there is no cost to the customer. 


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Who Allset is and what they do
  • The home service industry
  • The four key components the Allset platform offers
  • Review Culture 
  • Allset strategies 
  • Allset pricing 
  • What Justin recommends to do on the website


About Justin Clegg:

Justin is an entrepreneurially minded business leader with experience in software as a service. He co-founded three Silicon Valley startups and was selected by The Guardian as a rising star in AI and conversational commerce. Prior to startups Justin led product and marketing efforts for Fortune 500 software companies including Intel, Oracle, and Adobe.

Justin has studied, lived and operated in a variety of international locations including Singapore, China, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mozambique and New Delhi and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and conversational Hindi. He has been profiled by VentureBeat, Deseret News and and is a frequent public speaker. In his spare time, Justin enjoys playing indoor soccer, tennis and mountain biking.

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