1296 – Envision and Define Your Brand with The Brand You Will Become’s Rich Kozak

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with brand architect and marketing strategist, Rich Kozak!

Rich’s has been defining and languaging brands for more than forty years. He discusses helping brands adapt and grow and the comprehensive process that it is. Now Rich specializes in impact driven branding working with individuals who are determined to make an impact on other people. He discusses branding and how to become the champion of your brand. He discusses how branding can seem mundane but when you reach into your heart and write down the impact you clearly see making when you thrive; you can define the brand you must become to make an impact on those around you. 

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Key Points from the Episode:

  •  The art of defining and languaging brands
  •  Strategy, creativity and marketing
  •  Purpose driven branding

About Rich Kozak:

Rich Kozak is a leader and an expert in helping businesses and professionals strategically maximize the impact of the branding process. He insists that clients maintain the integrity of the brand and “never cross the credibility line”. He listens and identifies what is at the heart of the brand and how large a “footprint” the brand can have on the world and the people it touches. The simple but masterful process with which he organizes and defines the brand serves businesses well in creating the “Language-of-the-Brand” which enables the brand to take credit for its achievements and characteristics. The clean logic and process of preparing for digital marketing is a missing skill among businesses, and its results are distinguishing for those businesses diligently committed to growth and setting themselves apart to be seen as outstanding.


Rich Kozak has a rare skillset that flows through him like water through a river, to see quickly how your brand will excel, to share the wisdom that comes from decades of assessing and defining brands about what gives a brand life, and to offer practical ideas to apply right now to elevate the brand's impact and effectiveness.

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