1298 – Deep Industry Knowledge with Stealth Venture Labs’ Brent Freeman

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and President of Stealth Venture Labs, Brent Freeman. 

Brent Freeman is a digital entrepreneur who has co-founded or founded around twenty  companies. Stealth Venture Labs is a digital marketing firm that focuses on business growth through digital media advertisements. Stealth Venture Labs has worked with well known companies such as Home Chef, Poo Pourri, and Factor 75 who sold to Hello Fresh, whom Stealth Venture labs still works with today. They work to help businesses who are having a growth plateau get to the next step in their journey, as well as helping businesses come to the market. Brent explains common hurdles for businesses are getting their ideas to the market, getting consumers to buy their product at a good rate, and getting to their first million in revenue. 

Brent explains that summer in Ecommerce now has become a volatile environment compared to being slow in the past and the additions of privacy or tracking gaps have caused issues. Small businesses are being affected by this because they are thrown into a difficult environment for businesses that are less established. Brent explains that the changes over the years has made for a bigger focus on adapting to challenges such as becoming a hybrid business doing it partially online or in person. Businesses dealing with growth plateaus who want to scale and individuals needing to take a step back to enjoy the journey are good candidates for Stealth Venture Labs. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Brent does
  • What Stealth Venture Labs does 
  • Past successful partners of Stealth Venture Labs
  • Common roadblocks for Ecommerce businesses
  • Early customers 
  • How Ecommerce has changed in the recent years
  • Who is a good fit to work with Stealth Venture Labs
  • Social impact 

About Brent Freeman: 

Brent Freeman is the Founder & President of Stealth Venture Labs and a serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about using business to generate both profits & social impact. In 2009, Brent founded, an online marketplace platform for social good consumer brands which was featured in Mashable, Forbes, Huff Post, INC, The Today Show, NBC, and ABC. He was honored by Forbes as a Name You Need to Know in 2011. Today, Brent is an angel investor, former venture capitalist, and writes for Entrepreneur and INC on startup life. He is the Founder & President at Stealth Venture Labs, has co-founded five ecommerce brands, and is the Chairman of the Board of the Bay Area chapter of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship that teaches entrepreneurship to inner-city kids. In his free time, he loves to travel to Italy, give back and spend time with his family and friends. In 2020, Brent received the high honor to be knighted by the Italian Royal Family, Casa di Savoia, for his commitment to philanthropy and giving back.

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