1299 – Convert Your Followers Into Clients with Ina Bakalova

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with content strategist and business consultant, Ina Bakalova.

Ina helps experts package their skills into a high ticket consulting offer using content. Ina explains that she stays away from teaching clients things that work now. This is because the trends are moving very fast and there will be a constant need to keep up. Ina explains that a trend happening now is social media sites such as Instagram are harder for businesses to use. While Instagram is still relevant, it is harder to gain traction from there. TikTok has become a better site nowadays as it allows for creativity in a less polished manner. Ina explains that TikTok content can be as easy as sharing your thoughts which is different from how Instagram works. 

Ina explains that in the beginning of content creation on a new platform, it is normal to not see results immediately and that should be expected. On Youtube, an individual should expect to have to create content for years before it gains the traction they want and the timespan for TikTok traction is around 1-2 months based on how much content is pushed out. Ina helps her clients launch their consulting services by using social media to gain their first clients organically. Ina explains that they work with clients for about 3 months and sets clients up to not need her after that time period. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The work that Ina does and how she does it
  • Trends Ina advises businesses to keep an eye on
  • How TikTok has become better for businesses 
  • The process of gaining traction through content and its timeline
  • How Ina works with her clients
  • Sell versus serve 
  • Client engagement

About Ina Bakalova: 

Ina Bakalova is an Online Marketing Expert focused on organic content strategies and social media. Through her signature program, the Content Accelerator, Ina helps online business owners and educational creators to create and market a profitable consulting offer, and ultimately sign clients. After experimenting with different business ventures in her early twenties, Ina officially started her career as a property investor. She created the Content Accelerator after freelancing as a copywriter and social media manager for other property entrepreneurs. She saw that many of them were struggling to communicate their uniqueness online, at the same time that she experienced success in her own consulting practice. This led her to merge the two, and help other consultants, mentors and educational creators to monetize! Having emigrated from Bulgaria to the UK when she was five, Ina has witnessed the incredible opportunities that entrepreneurship opens up. This experience fuels her desire to help her students monetize their unique skills through online consulting.

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