1305 – Finding Happiness with Drisit’s Alex Bäcker

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the cofounder and CEO of and author of 101 Clues on How to Live a Happy Life, Alex Bäcker!

Drislit is a platform that allows drones to be driven through one’s cellular device anywhere in the world. This can also allow for a drone owner to allow anyone to use their device and make a profit on it. 

Alex discusses a way to see anywhere in the world and how Drisit meets the need for that. Drones today are connected to a remote control and with Drisit drones can be navigated through the internet. He discusses construction projects and crops and the benefits of being able to visually monitor them on demand in real-time. He talks about security, filmmaking, infrastructure monitoring, and all the variety of ways Drisit can serve remotely. Alex emphasizes the flexibility that remote drones offer when the driver of the drone no longer needs to be tethered to utilize its functions. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights that Alex Bäcker offered! 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Online drone navigation in real time 
  • Security access to drones
  • Sharing drones to create a positive impact

About Alex Bäcker:

As an inventor, I invented Drisit, remote mobile queueing, evolutionary marketing, & a semantic search engine that beat Google 3:1 in the relevance of people search results, among many other inventions.

As an entrepreneur, I co-founded and lead Drisit to make humans a multi-location species, and QLess and grew it as its founding CEO to eliminating well over 100 million instances of waiting in line. QLess was honored as the best computer services company in the world 3 times, and the best in the USA for 6 consecutive years. I have been honored as the Best IT Executive in the world by the International Business Awards.

As a financier, I have raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, private equity and venture debt.

I am the author of 101 Clues to a Happy Life and several forthcoming books, including 25 Blunders You Can't Afford to Make in the Board of Directors: A Pocket Guide to Surviving the Board. My writings have been published in the New York Times & the LA Times.

As a consultant, I help boards be more effective, and help private and public organizations innovate more and better.

As a speaker, I have given TEDx talks in multiple languages in two continents, and have been honored as the keynote speaker of Tech Week LA, among talks at Caltech, Harvard, Humanity+, ITBA, Innovate Pasadena and many other organizations.

As a scientist, I discovered neural coding & computation principles published in Nature, Neural Computation and beyond. I was also the first to show the dramatic effect of sunlight and vitamin D on COVID-19, and explain why African Americans and Latinos are treated differently by the epidemic.

As a coach, I have led a team to win the AYSO championship in one of the largest regions in the USA.

I bring about innovation through science and technology. I am always looking to work with the best and brightest entrepreneurs, particularly software engineers.

My goals are to allow humans to see remotely, to eliminate standing in line from the face of the Earth, to add enjoyable time to our life, to establish a laboratory that efficiently turns inventions into products, to develop algorithms that compose personalized music, and to build software more capable than the human brain.

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