1306 – Pull In Prospects with Luke Charlton

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Client Attraction Specialist, Luke Charlton. 

Luke works with coaches and professionals to help grow their businesses. With the example of SEO owners in need of clients, Luke advises them to keep it simple with their marketing if their business is under six figures. This is because extensive marketing takes more time which will be less time allotted towards their clients. Building lists are important for all businesses as the business can control the traffic and obtain leads. Luke explains that marketing towards a dream client will help with generating leads within that specific area. 

Luke explains that an email list is foundational to a business as it can bring in sales and leads in an efficient way. Luke advises to send one email per day to warm up clients to the business and establish a relationship. Adding entertainment within emails is important as it breaks up the informative content and makes it feel more personalized than formal. Luke explains that when you visit his website, you can opt in for his free guide and view his blogs to see how he builds his emails. 


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Luke’s backstory
  • An overview of what Luke has accomplished
  • Use cases with examples
  • How to keep relationships with prospective clients
  • Entertainment within emails 
  • What to do on Luke’s website 

About Luke Charlton:

In 2013, Luke Charlton (AKA: The Aussie Hermit) decided to quit his comfortable 6-figure/yr government job, move halfway around the world, and start an online business as a Coach. Thinking he knew enough about marketing to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world (London), he quickly realized this online thing wasn’t as easy as it looked. Through years of trial and error struggling and nearly going bankrupt, Luke finally discovered the formula for online success now helping over 4,000 Coaches grow their business online. Along with that, he's been featured in “6-Figure Coach” magazine, spent in excess of $16 million on advertising, banked $50M+ in sales for his clients, and has been hired by top ad agencies to write copy for experts such as… Bob Proctor, Mike Dillard, Neil Patel, Grace Lever, Ryan Moran and many more. Now he spends his days as a hermit living somewhere near Byron Bay, teaching other Coaches how to get a lot of clients sending just one 15- minute email per day, which he’d love to share with your audience.


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