1308 – Launching Your Business with SmartSuite’s Jon Darbyshire

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder and CEO of SmartSuite, Jon Darbyshire. 

SmartSuite is a work management product to help organizations manage processes and projects on a single platform. The company has worked with a little over 100 developers during the company's development to help with companies regardless of their size. Jon explains that he is familiar with the problems associated with not being fully prepared when launching a platform. Enterprise accounts will not want to use a platform that is not reliable and scalable. Jon explains SmartSuite was an idea he had around 20 years ago and he was able to embark on its creation recently as the technology has developed through the years to support the processes. SmartSuite has signed up around 400 accounts in the past few months through their inexpensive pricing and availability for all business scales. 


Jon explains that through SmartSuite clients can import data through their old platform to the new platform. Automations such as pulling information from Google and sending text messages to clients are integrated into the platform. SmartSuite caters to many agencies that are between 35 and 50 employees within the company. This allows the company to set up their marketing processes internally on how they do production and share that information to their customers. Jon explains affiliates are the way for SmartSuite to go to market without having a large international sales team. 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What SmartSuite is
  • The launching of Smartsuite
  • What led to SmartSuite 
  • How SmartSuite frames platform changes for businesses 
  • Use cases for SmartSuite 
  • Affiliates

About Jon Darbyshire:

In 2021, Jon and his team launched SmartSuite, the work management platform that manages any process, from any industry, on one platform. Now, SmartSuite unites essential elements used to get work done, regardless of company size or type. In the year 2000, Jon founded Archer Technologies, an enterprise governance, risk and compliance software, giving business users—not developers—the ability to adapt software to their unique business requirements. Jon and the Archer team built a flexible, award winning platform and solution suite that became the mainstay of governance, risk and compliance teams for some of the world’s most powerful organizations, including 1 in 3 of the Fortune 100. Archer Technologies was purchased by EMC Corporation in 2010. Throughout his career, Jon has been dedicated to automating everyday, essential business tasks to create smarter, more efficient organizations, no matter what the industry. Prior to Archer Technologies, Jon held leadership positions at both EY and Price Waterhouse, honing his skills in understanding the need to automate and simplify work for the enterprise.


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