1309 – Smarter Email Production with Chamaileon’s Roland Pokornyik

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Co-Founder of Chamaileon, Roland Pokornyik. 

Chamaileon is an email creation platform for marketing teams with around 50 to 100 employees. Their clients tend to have a marketing team of around three to five employees who want to make their email creation process more efficient. Chamaileon is not meant to replace personal email platforms but to aid in email marketing tools. Jon explains that the niche that Chamaileon is involved in is becoming more recognized as marketing teams are looking for more efficient ways to create. Roland explains that personalization, segmentation, and storytelling is working well in email marketing today. This is because it brings humanistic value to a business to allow the consumer to connect on a deeper level rather than only transactional. 

Communication pacing is important because newsletters are how many businesses receive revenue or new leads. The pacing of communication is based on what information is being delivered to the audience.  Roland explains that tracking still works but advises to make sure it is hosted on a reputable server. Companies that already have an email program that struggle with inefficiencies for more than 1-2 weeks are good candidates for Chamaileon. 


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Chamaileon is 
  • Chamaileons role in the market
  • What is working in email marketing today 
  • Communication pacing
  • Tracking 
  • Who needs Chamaileon 

About Roland Pokornyik: Roland Pokornyik helps digital teams transform their traditional linear email creation process into a no-code agile email workflow. The switch usually results in 10x faster email production and eventually a 2-3x improvement in their email marketing ROI.

He has dedicated over 7+ years of his life so far to understand how digital teams imagine the ideal email production process and thanks to his team of 15+ smart individuals they managed to build the email design platform of their dreams.

Sounds like an overstatement, he knows, especially since there are so many email design products already that they get compared with every day. Each of them seems to miss the point in one way or another.

For example, enterprise tools like Stensul or Taxi for Email completely lack email design capabilities since their customers still need to hand-code their master email templates / modules.

If he looks at other competitors like Bee or Stripo, they lack design flexibility and the email code quality doesn't satisfy higher-grade customer's needs either at all.

They devoted 30+ years of developer time and millions of USD to build the best no-code email design platform for digital teams. But what makes it the best?

1. A no-code visual email builder interface with deep design customization options and the flexibility needed to to create any bespoke email design system.

2. Our no-compromise approach to email HTML quality ( featuring background image support in Outlook, Gmail Promo card capabilities and email accessibility standards.

3. Real-time editing, team collaboration, and streamlined review & approval to help teams get their emails to the market ASAP. 

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