1310 – Scale Smarter with Betts Recruiting’s Carolyn Betts

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Betts Recruiting, Carolyn Betts.

Betts Recruiting builds market teams for gross stage technology companies. Companies can access all the talent and data from sales performance to quota on their platform. Carolyn explains the job market is going through a great reshuffle as businesses are trying to figure out their strategy towards talent acquisition and retention. Employees are realizing their potential for growth also causing a reshuffle in the hiring process. The marketplace has been swinging like a pendulum significantly though the past few years but is starting to stabilize. Carolyn advises that flexibility is the number one focus within a company to aid in recruitment and pay is secondary. Compensation has increased significantly in 2021 which caused a shift in how businesses handle their recruitment.

Carolyn explains that clear expectations, training, and integrating new employees is important for maintaining good hires and the company needs to set them up for success rather than bringing them in blindly. Businesses tend to put too much focus on getting new employees rather than maintaining and assisting new and old employees. Carolyn explains Betts Recruiting has the largest network of the most highly qualified individuals that understands what their clients need. They have the talent and data to integrate with the clients systems to create a high quality and transparent business relationship. Carolyn explains that AI, security technology, and infrastructure businesses are popular within the market today while cryptocurrency and real estate are having a decline.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Betts Recruiting does
  • The status of jobs versus available staff
  • Carolyn's advice for recruiting talent
  • The importance of setting up new employees for success
  • How Betts Recruiting is different from other recruiting agencies.
  • Businesses or Industries that are popular and not popular in the market today

About Betts Recruiting:

Betts Recruiting is the best in the world at helping companies scale for growth and making career dreams come true. From our recruiting services to Betts Connect, our online platform making it easier than ever for top talent and top companies to directly connect, we’re the leading recruitment firm for go-to-market roles.

Since 2009, Betts has partnered with the biggest names across various sectors offering a customized approach to each search. We’ve established networks of genuine relationships that allow us to source the highest-quality talent and execute quickly. With locations in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles, we work nationwide, to help you build your organization, and to guide talent into an exciting career, faster and smarter.



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