1313 – Helping Your Clients with 97 Display’s Houston Goodwin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President and CEO of 97 Display, Houston Goodwin.

97 Display is a software company that facilitates a lead generating website platform that works with digital marketing focused primarily on the fitness industry. Houston explains that his goal is to provide a good internal and holistic environment for his employees as well as a good environment for the consumers of his clients. Clients that use 97 Display are typically not getting much from the way their website is currently run and not using SEO to their advantage. Houston explains that there is a major misunderstanding between inbound and outbound leads especially when a company is not using SEO to pull their target audience. Consistency is important while working with leads as you can test your results over time to see what is working and what is not over a certain time period. If the lead is interested, Houston advises to be heavy on follow ups for the first ten days.

Websites need to be updated frequently as this is often a first impression for consumers. Houston explains that businesses need to utilize different features on their website such as testimonials, as they appeal to outbound clients and reviews, as they appeal to inbound clients. Some business owners will give up before they are able to make their mark on their industry. Houston explains it is important to get through the breaking point to achieve successes and a way this could be done is staying consistent and not giving up.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What 97 Display is and does
  • What clients are doing before using 97 Display
  • Bad marketing advice given in the fitness industry
  • What a studio should do when they have a warm lead
  • How a studio gets noticed in a busy industry

About Houston Goodwin and 97 Display:

97 Display, led by CEO Houston Goodwin, connects local businesses with their communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform and suite of tools and resources for lead conversion. Having worked primarily in the martial arts and fitness industries for its entire 12-year history, the company’s exponential knowledge for generating growth has helped thousands of businesses own the space in their local markets.




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