1314 – Increase Conversions with the Matrix Group’s Joanna Pineda

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Matrix Group International, Joanna Pineda.

Matrix Group is a digital agency that works with businesses to make their customers' journeys amazing. They work to identify the focus of a specific business's digital journey and help them fix that in ways such as a rethinking of ideas or website redesign to increase their revenue. Joanna explains that there is a misconception about ecommerce being that when a store is brought about, it will instantly gain traction and find its target audience. However, there are many instances where consumers get lost during their search for websites and fixing that friction in the process will help consumer experience. Joanna advises to step into the shows of a customer to understand their viewpoint. Through doing this, you may find some of the issues that are driving customers away giving new insight to what should be done.

Joanna explains that Matrix Group can do projects for clients but has a high retention rate. Some consumers explained that they could not find specific information on the Matrix Group website. After some digging, they found that the search engine did not include everything on the website. Joanna explains once they made the search engine compatible with all the platforms used on their website, customers were more satisfied.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Matrix Group is
  • Why businesses and ecommerce can't run without companies like Matrix Group
  • Joanna’s advice on how to be more empathetic to customers
  • A story about how Matrix Group directly helped a client by using analytics and stepping into the consumers shoes
  • The timespan of a relationship with Matrix Group
  • Using the properties of Matrix Group to fix their own website
  • User testing

About Joanna Pineda:

Joanna Pineda is the CEO and Chief Troublemaker at Matrix Group International, Inc., a web design and development firm based in Arlington, VA that helps trade associations, professional societies, foundations, private firms and think tanks do business online.

Matrix Group clients look to us for strategy, web design, app development, association management software, content management systems, integration, custom web development, hosting and e-marketing services.

She tends to work with clients at the onset of projects to help organizations define their goals, target audiences and service offerings. She will ask questions like, “Who are you? Why does your organization exist? How do you make the world a better place? Why do people join or become customers?”

She wants to work with organizations that have big dreams, have senior leadership support for their online initiatives, aren't too dysfunctional and full of silos, and are looking for a partner to help them find their path online.

When you are a Matrix Group client, they will make a commitment to get to know you and your organization, you'll get phone calls about “crazy ideas,” you'll get excellent project management, you will love her amazingly talented technical team, and you'll be amazed at how ridiculously creative her staff can be.

When you get to know her, you'll learn that she is devoted to her kids, her company and her husband, she’s a HUGE taekwondo fan, and she never goes anywhere without her camera.


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