1315 – Beyond The Pale with Matthew Turner

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Author of Beyond the Pale, Matthew Turner.


Matthew Turner’s latest book Beyond the Pale is a fable that follows the main character Ferdinand Foy on his entrepreneurial and personal growth journey. Matthew explains there is a toxic nature behind hustle culture such as the message gurus send that if you are not working, you are failing. While social media is a good thing, it also has negative effects such as comparing the journey of one person to another while their paths are completely different. It causes insecurity or doubt that could lead to listening to gurus and overworking oneself. It takes the form of a negative feedback loop where if you are failing, you work harder until you reap the negative effects of it. Matthew explains that hustle culture can negatively affect the mind, body, and soul causing physical burnout, mental decline, and drainage of the soul.

While there are negative effects to hustle culture, there are instances where you will have to work more based on the circumstances if the hustle is a means to an end. Matthew explains that there needs to be a deadline to it so it does not spiral out of control causing the consequences of the culture. Working harder is not the only way to achieve success. Matthew explains practices such as working smarter, reevaluating cost, changing business models or overcoming adversity can be better at achieving success compared to being sucked into hustle culture.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Beyond the Pale is about
  • Hustle culture
  • How the negative effects of hustle culture affect the mind, body, and soul
  • A personal story of how Matthew avoided being dragged into the culture of hustle
  • Other avenues to achieve success that isn’t working harder

About Matthew Turner:

Matthew Turner (aka: Turndog), is a Storytelling fiend who enjoys a rich cup of black coffee. First and foremost, he is a father, and everything he does is dedicated to his blossoming family. This is what motivates him, so when he talks about WHO he is, it’s important to focus on this before everything else.

Beyond that, he is a writer. In his eyes, everything is a story. We trust stories. As a species we’ve evolved the way we have because of stories.  We feel them… deeply.

This is his gift to the world. The topics may change and the books may differ, but storytelling remains his constant throughout.



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